Weeknote 43, 2020

Frequent context switching seems to be the norm at the moment. An example day:

  1. Help a company through the final stages of Cyber Essentials certification
  2. Chat to another company about post Brexit export documentation and EORI numbers
  3. Make some CSS changes to a website
  4. Fix a software bug

There are more blocked tasks than usual, waiting for decisions or more information. Things have got messier with the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit and its uncertainties looming ever closer.

To get some control I started using Kanboard to visualize my work and what stage it’s at. I’ve split horizontally, adding swimlanes for four main work areas, and added columns for backlog, ready, waiting or stalled, work in progress and done. This arrangement provides a single overview of tasks and projects and where there at.

Using a Kanban board keeps work visible and that reduces the inevitable anxiety produced by having many tasks in flux.