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This is a personal website and not covered by GDPR or data protection regulation in general, as far as I understand these things. However, I have put some effort into ensuring that your privacy and security are protected when reading and commenting here.

You can view the Web Privacy Check result for this site over at Dataskydd.net

Personal Data

You may provide your name (optional) when posting a comment on this site. The name you enter doesn’t have to be your real name, of course, you could use your IRC handle for example. You can also post anonymously by not providing a name at all.

After your comment has been posted, the data – name, if provided, comment text and your IP address – is stored at netlify.com for a period of time until I have approved your comment and it is displayed on this site. Once your comment is approved the data is deleted from Netlify.

Netlify stores access logs, that may include your IP address, for less than 30 days1.

Third Party Resources

To further protect your privacy, all page resources, like fonts or css, are loaded directly from this site. No requests are made to CDNs or other sites that may place cookies in your browser or log your IP address.


This site does not use cookies or other tracking techniques.

  1. See: Netlify’s commitment to protect your data, https://www.netlify.com/gdpr/ [return]