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Gamestorming. A facilitator leads a group towards some goal by way of a game, a structured activity that provides scope for thinking freely, even playfully.

Relinkification – on the eeriness of the English countryside and defence of hyperlinks.

PAM Script to Turn off auto screen-lock in Gnome Shell

In Linux, we have Pluggable Authentication Modules and various applications use PAM to authenticate users. Marco Ditri posted about using PAM to run a script that would prevent xscreensaver from locking the screen on his laptop when connected to his home wireless network.

Evince on NFS Kills Ubuntu Desktop

All the PCs here at the Fortress of Solitude run Ubuntu, so when I installed a new server it made sense to use NFS for file-sharing. I made that decision because NFS just works and is much easier to set-up than Samba Windows CIFS. Everything worked well except for two bugs: Ubuntu Unity 2D would crash […]

Microsoft Outlook and Network Stored PST Files Don’t Work

I was recently called out to a new client site to stop a Microsoft Outlook 2010 client from crashing every time email was sent or received. It took a while to discover the cause of the problem because the issue was related to a configuration that has not been supported by Microsoft since Exchange Server […]

A recent job reminded me that ssh can be used to forward a port on a remote system to one on the local client machine, like so:

ssh -L 8000:localhost:80 username@remoteserver

In that example, I could now visit http://localhost:8000 in a web browser to access the remote web server over the ssh connection. This is useful for troubleshooting or setting up services before allowing public access.

How to Make Ubuntu Unity 2D Launcher Work with an NFS Mounted Home

Back in July I reported a bug that I was having with Ubuntu’s Unity 2D Launcher. The launcher would crash and restart constantly, chewing up a lot of CPU time. I had to switch back to the classic Gnome desktop to continue working, I can’t run Unity (3D) because of a bug in NVIDIA’s drivers […]